Online Casino: The Newest Way to Gamble

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Casino History

The history of this word casino means a cottage, but this cottage has been transformed into a new place and made as an amusement for social gaming termed as gambling. This word casino originated from an Italian word Casa or house. This word is first used in a country house and then after was used for social amusements, a room where anyone could dance, can do music listening and for gambling.

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Casino in Online World

Because of the advancements in technology, there are now virtual games that replicate those games offered on a land-based casino. With this online casino, you are now able to play several games through your computers and with the internet connection from your local service provider. There are numerous online casinos that give several types of a game so that the subscriber can have the decision what online game to play but other online casino offer only one type of game. Playing online poker is the one of the most popular game played by many online gamblers.

Online based casino is also termed as virtual casino. This allows gamblers to play in casino without living their homes and wager through internet access. This casino usually gives odds and payback, which is commonly the same with the land-based casino. In addition, a number of online casinos offer higher payback rates like in slot games, and any other games promo.

Types of Online Casino

Online casino is definitely one of the most online gaming that commonly subscribed by many people. There are two types of online casino the no-download version or web based and the downloadable type.

No Download or Web Based

No download version online casino is a web based which gamblers directly play online casino games without downloading client server or running software application on your computer. Games are usually in the format of Macromedia Shockwave, Macromedia Flash or Java that requires browser support like flash readers or players. There are several online casinos you are allowed to play through by plain HTML interface graphics. These websites usually are low quality online casino.


The downloadable online version of casino is the most common and renowned. With this, gamblers need to download client server or install software application to their computers for them to play games in virtual casinos. As the software is finish installing, it directly connects to the service provider server, and it requires high-speed connectivity of internet for you to avoid lags.

Typical Games Offered In Online Casino

– Blackjack
– Craps
– Roulette
– Slot Machines

Casino Information