How to win at an online casino

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This is a question many people have and are wondering, they could even wonder if it is possible. I can confirm it is possible to win and players do all the time including myself. Winning at any casino is basically the same even regular casinos. You may have noticed it seems like one person just is lucky and hits jackpots after jackpots. Part of this is timing and finding a machine that pays. Second part is investing and this is what most do not realize, it takes money to make money. So unless you are extremely lucky and hit it just right you would need to play a bit.

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One of the biggest mistake people make is chasing, this means that you are already down on a certain machine and you keep playing it thinking it has to pay out soon, look at all the money I put into it. If it is not the right time, it will not pay out. Move to another machine and try it. Online I would suggest moving to a machine with different amount of pay-lines and see if you can find one that is not just taking. There is some slots that do take a lot before they pay, however when they pay it is a much better win. If you find one that you hit a decent size win keep playing it for a little longer since most of the time they will continue to pay until they reach that top amount it is programmed to hit. This also applies to regular casinos. For example not long ago I went into a casino and a player had hit 1000 on a machine so she thought that was a good win which it was no doubt and she left it to play a different game. Now many people walked by that machine seeing that it had paid out 1000 and felt it was unlucky not, not me I decided to try the machine and I spun the reels 2 times and hit the bonus. In the bonus round I won 12,000 dollars with an 18 dollar investment. Was I lucky, maybe but I also know they do pay more than once.

Do the machines online pay as good as regular casinos? Yes they do and actually they will pay more. Hardly ever will you hit 20k and up at a regular casino but online it is common. You start out slow betting lower amounts and raise those bets as you win. I spent over 12 hours playing one day as I changed machines after one would quit paying. My total win in that 12 hour period ended up being 165k. The investment was only a couple hundred dollars. Now this kind of win doesn’t happen that often but it does happen. I also recommend sticking with one casino for a long time. It might take a year of playing at the same online casino where you are winning a bit here and there before you hit a massive win. Many of the biggest winners at online casinos have played at the same place for 5 or 6 years. They won now and then but then the day came where they hit the big jackpot and we are not talking progressive.

The progressives are another story, you can hit them but you have to be playing when it is ready to pop. I find that the dark knight pays out well when the second to highest progressive is ready to pay. It can hit anywhere from 20k and up normally, if you see it around 30k or higher that is a good time to play. Even if you do not hit the progressive itself you can win some just playing for it. If you do not have a lot of cash to invest then these are the choice games to play.

There is no guarantee’s you will win but these are strategies I have used and been quite lucky with them over the years.

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