Ecopayz Casinos Payment Solution

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For online gambling enthusiasts, with particular relevance to Ecopayz Casinos, an efficient method of transferring funds is now available, and this is through the use of an internet wallet service called Ecopayz. It is a smart, easy and convenient means of depositing players’ money without the old & worn-out hassles of personally going to the bank, writing down personal information and waiting to have the account set up. How does it work? Simply by setting up an account and transferring funds through a bank account or other popular modes of payment such as and Western Union. All of these are done online, then after, everything is good to go. Best of all, registration is free. Once everything is set up, they can immediately start depositing money into their eWallet, and transfer it to their chosen Ecopayz Casinos. In addition, funds can also be withdrawn from their bank accounts. It is just like having a debit or prepaid card but is exclusively for poker players in Ecopayz Casinos.

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Ecopayz is the preferred choice of online payment by poker players, majority of those from Europe and America. It comes in small packages in terms of its ease in transactions but huge in terms of its benefits. One of these many benefits is that it allows players to secure their deposits or fund transfers because they do not have to disclose unnecessary personal information, most particularly in online poker rooms. Ecopayz is very protective of its customers with its strict privacy policy and is proud to state that they never divulge any confidential information to other third party services without the authorization of the owner. This is one of the reasons why it is guaranteed safe and secure.

Another huge benefit is its ties with MasterCard, the global leader in financial services. This partnership allows users to enjoy sophisticated, systematic transactions with accredited retailers all over the globe that accept MasterCard payments. Ecopayz fees are popularly minimal, and its transaction charges are reasonable. Therefore, users can maximize its many advantages when it comes to its purchasing power in online shopping as well as putting funds into their preferred poker rooms. Furthermore, users of this type of service will be able to deposit their money from their country using their own local currency but can shop globally, anywhere online.

Due to the present rules and regulations of the United States, players in this country are unable to enjoy the luxury of processing transactions using the Ecopayz. However, those from Europe will be able to transfer or deposit their money into the many available poker websites. It is also good to know that the funds that they put in don’t go directly to their preferred poker rooms but to their Ecopayz accounts. Simply put, Ecopayz as an alternative payment solution is the safest and easiest method of online transaction in Ecopayz Casinos.

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